Data Apps

Under this menu is where you’ll find bits of data that I’m logging and posting and also how I’m using that data too. I’m experimenting with a few internet of things devices like TWINE (which you might not have heard of, but is actually an IoT device) to see what I can do with them.

I did have some data apps on the site when I was self hosting it, but now I am no longer able to do that they have disappeared. Which is a shame, but unavoidable.

I the future I will be sharing some material around data sonification which might find a home here, or I may put it somewhere else entirely.

Well done IFTTT, I didn’t see that coming at all

Today I got an email from IFTTT with news about their service. This is quite normal. They add to their service on a very regular basis. However, I wasn’t expecting the new addition to be a city. Louisville to be precise. Whilst this was a bit of a shock, and also somewhat confusing as well…

IFTTT’s new Maker channel

I’ve liked IFTTT (or IF as apparently they’re now called) since right back when they started. They’ve gone from strength and delivered some really interesting and useful functionality for connecting the internet in simple ways. They’ve also supported a lot of IoT (internet of things) devices, and now, with the new Maker channel they’re supporting…


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