If you’ve been to this site before, then you are probably aware of my fondness for the music of David Sylvian. Sleepwalkers was and is a compilation that came out years ago. A few months ago a new updated version was announced, and I decided to get it. Here are some pictures of the release.

There is only one additional track on this new version, but, even so, I think it was still worth getting.

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

I have liked OMD for a long time, and seen them live a few times as well. I’ve read interviews with them, but I have never seen them talk about their work. So it seemed an obvious choice to go to this event at the British Library.

To be clear, this was back in March of this year.

It was actually a really good event overall. They talked about their album ‘Architecture and Morality’, then we listened to the whole of the album. We just sat there, in silence and listened to a vinyl version on a really good system. After the album finished there was a question and answer session, and that was really interesting too.

Events like this are too infrequent. They provide such a useful insight into how and why the music was made, and increasingly I find that as interesting as the music itself. It provides an insight into it that gives depth to the music.