Processing is one of those languages that I always want to do more with and also it’s the first language I go to with new ideas, or at least it was until I started making things with Python.

Anyway, here are some bits and pieces I’ve made with Processing.

First of all a little noise maker / synth applet called SynthPad. It will run in your browser or at least it did when this page was on my old .com wordpress installation. Now it’s wordpress hosted I can’t host that kind of file here sadly. One day I’ll get that sorted and put the old files elsewhere.


Another little applet. This one was adapted from one of the example sketches but I really liked just playing around with it.

Current work
I’m currently playing with some new things in Processing, especially with the Android version of processing too. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I start to make a few things with processing and even get them on my Android too.

Getting Started with Processing (book)

I decided to go through the examples in this book and post them together with what I think about them. As each example was embedded in a post I’ve just added the links to them. I hope you find them useful.