iOS Automation Resources

There are plenty of good apps for Automation on the app store, but once you have them you might not know how to automate things effectively. However, after lots of looking around for things like this I’ve found a few handy sites for iOS automation, and also for directly importing automation actions and scripts. Here’s my list:

  • – Has a bunch of actions for drafts and Launch Center Pro which you can install directly if you’re viewing the page from your iOS device.
  • Geeks with Juniors has a great set of articles on iOS automation and workflow as well.
  • X-Callback is a site mainly for developers to publish their apps X-Callback schemes
  • Handle open URL is another useful site for finding out how different apps use URL schemes

Now that the Workflow app and team has been acquired by Apple it’ll be interesting to see how it develops and improves or not.

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