More thoughts about Spotify

So, about a week into my trial of Spotify and I have to say that I’m really enjoying it. It is very useful as a way to check out music I wouldn’t have otherwise heard. I’m not sure that I’m ready to make the full plunge to not buying music at all though. That might be just a bit too far for me to go at the moment.


App revisit: LoopXtreme

Another app that I always thought was a little overlooked and had a lot of potential. One of the problems with it was that it was quite complicated to get to grips with. Perhaps that’s why it didn’t get the attention it deserved.

I’m giving it another go though.

Some thoughts on listening to InGladAloneness

Having got the CD I listened to these few last tracks by Mick Karn and Dalis Car. It felt strange to hear his work. The tracks are very good. Very Dalis Car, in keeping with the first album which has always been a favourite for me.

I think I’ll need to listen to the tracks a few more times though to really get into them and get used to them if that makes sense.

Watching old Star Trek

CBS Action has been running old episodes of Star Trek the original series, starting with the original pilot episode. It’s great to see these again, as I haven’t watched the original series for years now. The story lines are actually quite complex and if you look past the 1960’s sets and special effects.

I’m really enjoying watching these.

Experimenting with Spotify

I’ve been talking about doing this for ages, and finally I took the plunge with a premium spotify account. It’s only day 1 and so far I’m impressed. I thought I’d listen to a few albums that I’ve been thinking about buying but just haven’t gotten around to.

So I listened to VCMG, SSSS, and Taylor Deupree’s Northern. Good stuff too. I think this is going to work out. It is a little strange to move away from the ‘owning’ model. But I’ll see how the experiment goes. I’m looking forward to trying out spotify apps, or SPAPPS!

Why do mobile phones have app platforms and landline phones don’t?

It really isn’t easy to find a home phone these days. Whilst we have loads of mobile phone shops, hardly anyone stocks a simple land line phone anymore. Why is that?

And, more to the point, why is it that land line phones haven’t evolved in the same way that mobiles have? I managed to find two Android powered home phones, but both had bad reviews that really put me off. But seriously, two smart-home phones? Is that all? Is there really no market for something more advanced in the home? I find it very strange indeed.