I love beer. By that I mean real ale of course. I am a regular visitor to the Great British Beer Festival and local festivals whenever I can make them. I’m especially fond of Belgian beers and I spent a great few days in 2009 in Brussels with a bunch of friends sampling a lot of different beers.

For me beer / ale is all about the experience and not just about what it does to you. Some people are passionate about wine. I’m passionate about beer!

Ok, probably not passionate, but I enjoy it a lot. You’ll almost certainly find beer related posts in my blog from time to time, and now you know why.

I’ve just rediscovered my old ‘beer blog’ which I haven’t done anything with in a long time now. If you’re interested it is here. I’m thinking about starting to use it again, but I’m not sure. Perhaps I should just incorporate it into this blog for simplicity?

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