General tracks

You can find some of my work at SoundCloud, and some in other places too. More recently I have stuff on Bandcamp and also Spotiify.

If you enjoy it then please let me know.

Here’s some more links to pages about my music which you might find interesting.

Some random music

I actually made this quite a while ago, but decided to revisit it as I thought that I might do a little more in Processing this year. I know I’ve said that before. There’s no guarantee that I will in…

A Wotja a day

This is about my plan to create a track with Wotja each day this year

Experimenting with Blocks

I’ve been playing with Roli Blocks again, and this time, I’m actually getting into it. I’m starting to find it quite useful and creatively inspiring. It is early days as yet, but I’m getting some results. So I thought I’d…


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