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I’ve been making music since I was very young although sometime when people hear it they don’t think it is music, if you know what I mean, and in fact you might agree with that assessment. You can hear my music on these services:

  • SoundCloud: I have quite a lot of music on SoundCloud and some of it is collected into playlists so that it makes more sense.
  • BandCamp: The music I have on here is collected into albums in a more traditional fashion.
  • Orfium: I’m still really getting started with Orfium. I’m just getting more stuff up on Orfium and when I have enough I’ll post something about it
  • BlueJay: If you haven’t heard of BlueJay then you probably will soon enough. BlueJay turns your smartphone into your own personal radio broadcast.
  • Allihoopa: You can find stuff I’ve made with Figure there

A lot of my work is instrumental. However, older stuff is more song based and whilst I’ve put a few of those older songs on SoundCloud I haven’t put much up. This is mainly because the quality of those recordings wasn’t always brilliant as the songs were mainly recorded on old analogue gear like a Fostex X-15, so on tape and not digital.

I’d like to eventually clean those songs up and post them. One day maybe. I’d also like to re-record some of them too.

I’m also looking at new methods of getting my music out as I’m not terribly happy with SoundCloud at the moment.

As and when I get to doing that I’ll let you know.

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