I’ve been making music since I was very young although sometime when people hear it they don’t think it is music, if you know what I mean, and in fact you might agree with that assessment. You can hear my music on these services:

  • SoundCloud: I used to have quite a lot of music on SoundCloud, but I more or less lost my faith in it as a platform, so these days I don’t tend to use it very much, if at all. Although there is some music still there
  • BandCamp: The music I have on here is collected into albums in a more traditional fashion. There’s some more recent things there
  • Allihoopa: Is now gone. Which is a shame, as it was fun whilst it was around.

A lot of my work is instrumental. However, older stuff is more song based and whilst I’ve put a few of those older songs on SoundCloud I haven’t put much up. This is mainly because the quality of those recordings wasn’t always brilliant as the songs were mainly recorded on old analogue gear like a Fostex X-15, so on tape and not digital.

I’d like to eventually clean those songs up and post them. One day maybe. I’d also like to re-record some of them too.

If you are interested in other music related stuff, you can find posts about synths here, mobile music stuff here, and posts about what I’m listening to here.

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