I’ve only been field recording for a few years, and if I’m honest it’s an on and off sort of thing, but of late I’ve been committing more time to it. It is one of those things I often forget to do, or I’m never quite prepared for it. Sometimes I don’t have the right equipment with me, or in fact any equipment, but when I do I really like to capture interesting sounds and textures.

I did use RJDJ to make recordings of a more augmented nature, but since they withdrew their service I’ve started to do more ‘conventional’ field recording if that term makes any sense at all.

I used to use FreeSound quite a lot some years ago and put some of my field recordings up there, but I haven’t been back to the site in ages now. I really should check it out again as it was a great place for field recordings and sounds.

I’m also using a variety of other apps for field recording now. For instance:

They’re all good apps for recording on the go, and I especially like FIRe Studio at the moment.

So, here are my field recordings so far. I hope you enjoy them.


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