I used to do a lot of drumming. I started out at a WOMAD summer school in 2008 and learnt a little bit about Egyptian and North African percussion, although you can barely scratch the surface in a week. It was a lot of fun though. During the week we had three teachers. The first were the Bedouin Jerry Can Band who taught us for a couple of days, then Hossam Ramzy for another couple of days, then Dawson Miller for the last day.

Since then I’ve gone along to a the occasional workshop here and there, and also been to the London Drum Circle a few times, which is always excellent to be at, but sadly I haven’t had time to go for a while now.

I’d love to get back to it soon though.

If you’re interested in the London Drum Circle their site is here. You don’t need to have any drumming experience or even a drum, and it is great fun.