Happy birthday Douglas

I was watching the new series of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency last night and remembered that today would have been Douglas Adams’ birthday. He would have been 60 today.

I loved Hitchhiker’s and have only recently got into Dirk Gently, but the work I most loved was what he did in Doctor Who. I leant the Big Finish version of Shada with Paul McGann as the 8th Doctor to a friend at work the other day. He really enjoyed it and commented on just how much humour there was in it. What else would you expect from such a talented writer.

He will continue to be missed, but his excellent work lives on.

David Sylvian, A Victim of Stars, and thoughts about curation

I was listening to this compilation on Friday and I really enjoyed it for the most part. Which I found strange. I didn’t find it strange that I liked the individual songs, I knew those and knew that I liked them, but the order that they were in created a different feel to listening to them, and that made me think.

It made me remember the mixtape, that is, when it was an actual tape and not a digital representation of a tape. Curating (if that’s the right word for it) tracks together in a specific order can quite easily change their meaning or at least adapt it for a different purpose.

I found listening to Sylvian’s tracks in the order in this compilation gave them a different meaning in a way for me. Not a totally different meaning you understand, but something subtle. It also made me remember mixtape’s where they were in a different order and what tracks followed which was strange too.

I’m not entirely sure where this leads, but I think it’s interesting in itself, that’s all.