I haven’t read a book about Feynman in ages now


Mr Feynman is a big hero of mine. He was such a larger than life character, so full of energy and fun and with an incredible intellect as well. I really enjoyed “Surely You’re Joking Mr Feynman”, and “What do you care what other people think”. So when I was given this graphic novel about him I was over the moon.

It’s was great to have something new to read about him. I’m looking forward to enjoying it.

So sad to hear about Steve Strange

How sad was yesterday’s news? I’d been listening to some of the new Visage stuff on spotify only recently and thinking it was quite good really. So it was a real shock to hear he’d passed away so young. I think he still had a lot of creativity left. Still had songs to sing, and music to make, so it really is our loss.

I think I have to listen to a lot of Visage now.

Remembering Mick

One year ago today the world lost an amazing musician. Mick Karn. He was too young, much too young.

Mick’s music was an inspiration to so many, me included. His music lives on and I’ll be listening to a few of his albums later this week and posting some thoughts on them. If you don’t know Mick Karn’s music then stay tuned as you’re going to find some amazing music to listen to soon.

I can’t believe it was a year ago he passed away.