Back to Reaktor

I decided that I really should get better acquainted with Reaktor. I’ve had the software for ages, and aside from a little tinkering with it I’ve done very little. So I’ve started at the beginning again and decided to work through the tutorials before I dive in to make anything for myself.

Happily it all came flooding back to me when I got to it, and I was able to get going very quickly. One thing that surprises me though is that there seems to be no book about Reaktor. You can find books on almost all other major music applications, but none on Reaktor that I can find anyway.

Not that I’m planning to write one you understand.

Messing about with Jasuto Pro

Messing around with stuff is great fun, and if there’s an iOS app that is superb fun, then it’s Jasuto Pro Modular. I haven’t played with this app for ages, and so it’s great to get back into it and discover stuff that I’d started but not done anything with.

The patch, or sketch, or whatever the proper name is, that you can see above uses a sample file that was recorded using RJDJ on a journey home one day. The idea was to record a week of travel sounds using RJDJ and then create patches for it in apps like Jasuto Pro.

I must work out how to get the audio out on this track, but perhaps on another day.