nil by mouth finally released properly 

Which is great. I think I need to hear it again and reacquaint myself with it. I hope it does well for Blancmange, and I really hope that they bring some new music out in 2016. I’ve really enjoyed the new stuff and how they’ve revisited their original material too.

Anyway, let’s add it to a playlist on Spotify then.

So where is my discover weekly playlist

I’ve been really enjoying Spotify’s ‘discover weekly’ playlist, until that is, this week, when it has completely failed to arrive. My last playlist was dated the 14th and since then I’ve had nothing new! It’s amazing how easy it is to get used to things, and I’ve really got used to this playlist being refreshed every week. So, not getting it this week has been annoying. Almost an inconvenience!

I hope that they get it sorted out soon!

Doctor Who Companion Chronicles: The Pyralis Effect

Doctor Who Companion Chronicles: The Pyralis Effect
Doctor Who Companion Chronicles: The Pyralis Effect

This audiobook was on sale recently and as it was a very good deal and I’d not heard it I decided to grab a bargain. It was worth it actually.

Whilst it isn’t a particularly long story it was a good one. I quite like these short stories. They’re fun. They’re well written and nicely bite sized.