Clearing Stuff out all the time

I’m always amazed by how much ‘stuff’ I manage to collect and then have to clear out. I seem to be in a perpetual state of getting rid of stuff, and constantly wonder why I bought or acquired this, that, or the other.

I always try not to buy stuff when I think I don’t need it, but even so I’m always getting rid of things and wondering why I ended up with them in the first place!

How does that work then?

Vintage Car Rally

Today was the London to Brighton Vintage Car Rally. I love watching these ancient vehicles on their way to Brighton. Every year I decide to make a real effort to watch as much of the rally as I can and every year something gets in the way. Usually staying in bed longer.

Today I managed to see more of it than I have for the last 3 years which was great, but even so I didn’t see as much as I’d like to. Maybe next year.


I’ve watched this film a few times and really love it. I’ve watched it twice in the last month, and have found it so fresh and so much fun without preaching or trying to make a point.

It always comes over as a really honest and open story, full of hope and I love the characters in it too, especially the parents.

I don’t think I’d say it was one of my favourite films, but it is a really good film.

Happy Guy Fawkes Night

In the UK it is Guy Fawkes night when we let off fireworks and start bonfires. I like to remember that this is a celebration of a little be more than just fireworks.

I often like to watch V for Vendetta around Guy Fawkes. I know that some people really don’t like this film, but I really enjoy it.

Anyway. Whatever you do for Guy Fawkes and whatever the reason you remember it I hope you have a good and safe time this weekend.

Back from Italy

I’ve just got back from being in Italy for a week. It was wonderful. I haven’t been to Italy in quite a few years and I’ve never been to Rome or Sorrento before, so it was great to see new places.

I really enjoyed Rome and I did loads of tourist type stuff as you’d expect, but I really enjoyed just walking around the city and looking at it and it’s people. For late October the weather was great although there was a little rain at times it was was completely bearable.

I also visited Sorrento, and of course went to Pompeii and Vesuvius too. Great experiences both which I’d thoroughly recommend. I’ll be posting some more pictures and thoughts on my trip over the next few days I guess. For now I’ve got to get myself used to the UK weather again, which was a bit of a shock.