Sinewave Palm OS app

The picture above is of this app running in the StyleTap emulator that works on jailbroken iPhones. I only used that image as it was nice and easy to get.

This app is a very simple little app that outputs a sinewave. It was more of a proof of concept more than anything else.

There was also a sample project file that ran in HB++, but that’s long gone now so sadly you can tinker with it at all.

You can download the file here. Also have a look at the downloads page for other Palm OS related downloads.

Here are some posts about Bhajis Loops

Mainly because Bhajis Loops is kind of connected to this app, so I thought that would be an appropriate subject if you want to keep reading about something similar.

Some music from me from ages ago

I made this ages ago but realised that I hadn’t made it public in my SoundCloud account. It was made entirely using Bhajis Loops. So I thought I’d post it.

Looking back at my sounds: Guitar looper 1

I thought I’d go back over my old SoundCloud files and pull out stuff as there’s some good noises in this. Having said that, I would think that wouldn’t I. This was made with a Palm T3 using Bhajis Loops, and it still amazes me what can be done with Bhajis Loops.


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