Piezo for Palm OS

Another small app for making sounds on a Palm OS device. This one is a little bit different as you can connect 2 devices to make strange noises together.

Download Piezo here

You can download the Palm OS file here if you’re interested in giving it a try out.

More stuff on old Palm OS apps

There’s plenty more where that came from. If you’re interested in other Palm related content, here’s a small selection. Also try the downloads page for more Palm OS related stuff.

Noodle Pi is coming

Another Pi related Kickstarter purchase and one that I’m looking forward to trying out soon. I’ll be getting to grips with it soon and seeing what I can use it for. I’m hoping that it’ll be like a little PDA…

Say hello to Fossil …

I’m really loving experimenting with the Fossil. It’s a great old smartwatch from before we called things smartwatches and before we knew what a wearable was. Hopefully in the not too distant future I’ll have some apps for it too.

Some music from me from ages ago

I made this ages ago but realised that I hadn’t made it public in my SoundCloud account. It was made entirely using Bhajis Loops. So I thought I’d post it.


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