Tractor Pull (Capers applet)

Tractor Pull is one of the Capers applets. Here’s about the app:

The free demo versions only contain two test LFOs speed-locked and do not contain the LFO editor or MIDI sync functionality. Tractor Pull will soon be available as a full standalone version or as part of Capers with all functionality included. Don’t let this stop you, however, Tractor Pull Demo is still very useful, trust us.

Tractor Pull is a MIDI meta-controller– it controls controllers. And how!

Through a series of 20 different LFOs (low-frequency oscillators), you can set 8 (almost unlimited in the Capers version) MIDI controllers to oscillate on their own. By setting the speeds right, you can achieve amazing sync effects from gear you’d thought you knew already!

Or, if you just want to use your Palm as a control surface, you can use your pen to drag the bars manually. No shame in that.

Each bar can have its controller number, range and channel altered, as well as a target LFO to use when in ‘automatic mode.’ You can set some bars to be automatic and some to be manual, your choice.

And when you run out of interesting LFOs, you can draw your own! By scribbling a curve on the screen, you can have any bar oscillate along your custom LFO at any specified speed.

Tractor Pull also syncs to MIDI clock and sends it out via Capers. Capers allows you to layer multiple sets of Tractor Pull so that you can have immense amounts of controller data moving around if you feel the need.

The standalone version of Tractor Pull (the demo of which is available for a free download) allows 8 bars at once, which is more than enough given the controllability inherent in each one.

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