Capers applets (Palm Apps) >

Capers was proposed as a whole replacement OS for Palm PDA devices a long time ago. There are a series of pages under this one that have applets from Capers available for download if you want to play about with them. They only work on pre-OS5 Palm OS devices, so don’t try them on anything like a Tungsten, you’ll be disappointed. Also they mainly work with MIDI over serial.

I a bunch of downloadable PDF versions of the original Capers site, which is now long gone. Click on any of the links below for more. – portable sound dsperado: about dsperado: hardware dsperado: software dsperado: software: eggtimer dsperado: software: hedgehog dsperado: software: tractor pull dsperado: technical

Also you should take a look at the Palmorama library to see a load more older palm stuff.

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