Capers applets (Palm Apps)

Hedgehog and bC-16
Hedgehog and bC-16

Capers was proposed as a whole replacement OS for Palm PDA devices a long time ago. There are a series of pages under this one that have applets from Capers available for download if you want to play about with them. They only work on pre-OS5 Palm OS devices, so don’t try them on anything like a Tungsten, you’ll be disappointed. Also they mainly work with MIDI over serial.

You’ll find all of the actual apps (.prc files) and PDFs about them, below. You might also want to look at the downloads page for more Palm OS related downloads.

Capers Documentation

In addition to the file downloads, here’s the only documentation I have on these apps. I hope you find it useful.

More Palm related content

If you’re interested in more Palm related posts and pages, here’s some to get you started.

Say hello to Fossil …

I’m really loving experimenting with the Fossil. It’s a great old smartwatch from before we called things smartwatches and before we knew what a wearable was. Hopefully in the not too distant future I’ll have some apps for it too.


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