As you’re here, I should just let you know that I’m probably not doing much with Android anymore, so what follows below is largely historic. Read on in you wish of course.

I’ve messed around with Android devices on and off from the very earliest editions of the OS. However, I’ve never really warmed to Android. I’ve always tried, but each device I’ve had I’ve never found a use for. I even tried using Android on an iPhone, but again, never found a really compelling use.

I’ve also messed around with a couple of ways of making things for Android. Some of which I might do more with, but there’s no real definite plans at the moment. So for now, here are a couple of thoughts on making things in Android …

App Inventor
The latest version of MIT’s Android app inventor is really good. Everything now works in the browser and it has a lot of functionality available. It’s fun and really quite easy without being too limiting. You can do a lot if you know what you’re doing, but it isn’t a full programming language.

Processing for Android
Using processing is also a very good way of making android stuff, although it’s a lot more complex. But it’s more handy for doing graphical things. This is more of a second priority for me at the moment. When I last used Android for Processing there were issues around some of the external libraries when creating Android apps. That was problematic for me, but perhaps things have improved and are easier to handle now. I should look really.

I don’t know if I’ll do much more with Android now, probably nothing.

I have tried to do more stuff with Android and automation using Qmote, but that’s not really working now.

If you’re interested in posts about Android you can find them here.

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